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Check out all the rides!

These fun rides are the highlight of the Strawberry Festival. Bring your family and enjoy your time together with dozens of rides for every age. Click on any of the photos below to see even more photos and descriptions of the rides.

There are height requirements for certain rides. Click here.

WRISTBAND DAYS!  Ride all day for one low price!  Friday $30; Saturday-Monday $35.

Individual ride tickets are $1 each with multiple tickets required per ride.

Click the photos below to view all rides in a category!

Major Rides

Our Major Rides are a staple of the Strawberry Festival, offering great options for adults and kids of most ages. These include: Orbiter, Crown Merry Go Round, Eagle, Giant Slide, Mardi-Gras, Morbid Manor, Scrambler, Starship 3000, Tilt-a-Whirl, and State Fair Slide.

Spectacular Rides

The hit of the Strawberry Festival, our Spectacular Rides are geared for kids 8 and older, as well as adventurous adults. Rides in this category include: Vertigo, Fireball, Flying Bobs, Footloose, Giant Wheel, Giant Scooters, Pole Position Coaster, Spin Out, Super Round Up, The Grand Carousel, Zipper, and Wave Swinger.

Kiddie & Family Rides

There’s plenty of rides for young children! These include: The Balloon Samba from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, Chopper Hopper, Frog Hopper, Jumping Jumbos, Jungle of Fun, Lolli Swing, Looney Tooter Train, Raiders, Roadsters, Tom Kangaroo, Wet Boats and more!