Geared for kids 8 and older, as well as adventurous adults, our Spectacular Rides are the hit of the Festival. Rides in this category include: Vertigo, Fireball, Flying Bobs, Footloose, Giant Wheel, Giant Scooters, Pole Position Coaster, Spin Out, Super Round Up, The Grand Carousel, Zipper, and Wave Swinger. Height requirements for rides.




Music Express

music expressThis sleigh ride of grandiose proportions is Butler Amusements newest acquisition. This four trailer ride welcomes riders for an exciting spin, travelling forward, and around then traveling backwards while negotiating an undulating path to add to the excitement. Its unusual size, unforgettable scenery, lights, music and ride make being whisked around and around fun and exciting!




Giant Wheel

Giant WheelA towering tradition of Butler Amusements, the majestic Giant Wheel dominates the Midway day and night, offering patrons a sweeping view from a height of nearly 100 feet! Passengers are seated in separate gondolas and then whisked smoothly up, around and down again, a motion reminiscent of the ferris wheel. The Giant Wheel is a pleasant ride for the entire family.





Giant Scooters

Giant ScootersA new innovation on a traditional ride, our Scooters are state-of-the-art. Riders, seated in their “cars” begin a trip over a rectangular floor, bumping and dodging other drivers in their way! Coupled with the thrill of the ride is a light show, TV videos visible around the center of the platform, music and more special effects at night! The Scooters are a custom-built attraction – the first in the United States, available only through Butler Amusements.






vertigo-600x450The brand new A.R.M Vertigo towers over the midway at 100 feet in height and seats twenty-four passengers. Each seat holds two riders who are secured by a lap restraint. Once the ride begins, the entire center twists in a circular motion. Riders enjoy a swinging sensation as the entire center track lifts up slowly until reaching the top of the ride. Once the swing ride reaches the top it begins to slowly swing in a descent.






FireballAlready a midway favorite, the Fireball, from Italy, lifts riders high into the air, 20 at a time. As the main boom swings back and forth, the base of five groups of seats begin to spin, giving the passengers a feeling of weightlessness while they soar through the air with their feet swinging free! This ride creates a thrilling, unforgettable experience for its riders and provides a spectacular show.




Foot Loose

eveningfootlooseThrill-seekers have touted this ride as one of the Midway’s “craziest!” On the Footloose the ride’s two gigantic arms loop counter-clockwise to each other, turning completely upside down. Riders are secured by over the shoulder harnesses while their legs dangle free in the open air. This ride is sure to thrill even the bravest of riders








Giant Pole Position Spinning Roller Coaster

Pink pole carThe Giant Pole Position Spinning Roller Coaster is Fabbri Groups first spinning coaster delivered to a North America. This Italian made, world class coaster is composed of three levels, with the very top measuring 55 feet high. Each of the five coaster cars are painted just like racing cars and holds four passengers. This is not an ordinary coaster. The ride will also have extra sound effects to dramatize when the car goes around a corner or gains in elevation. Riders hold on tight while the car gently climbs to the very top, after a moment of anticipation riders experience a free fall while the car itself actually spins while maneuvering along the track. A superior coaster experience!



Spin Out

spinoutThe Spin Out is one of the most exciting rides on the midway. Made in England it stands 45 feet high and has 6 – 4 passenger seats. Passengers sit in one of four seats on the outside edge of the ride. As the Spin Out begins to rise six sets of seats begin to spin. Up, down and around passengers thrill to the sight and feel of Spin Out. There are only 8 Spinouts on traveling carnivals in the United States.





Super RoundUp

super round upThe Super RoundUp features a circular horizontal platform with a vertical cage like wall around the outside edge. The platform is attached to a motor on a hydraulic arm. Capable of holding 42 riders, the ride starts out by spinning until the centrifugal force is enough to push riders against the wall. The friction between the riders’ backs and the walls is enough to hold them against that outside wall. Then, the arm raises the horizontal platform to a vertical position in which riders, instead of spinning horizontally, are now spinning vertically. All of this makes for a fun vertical spin in the open air!







The Grand Carousel

Grand carouselshadowFor decades, audiences have been awed by the beautifully handcrafted majesty of the carousel. To witness The Grand Carousel is to see this piece of Americana in all its glory. This 38 foot Americana Themed Carousel features 36 jumping horses, and 2 chariots. Parents and children create memories while they enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful ride together!




The Zipper

Zipper & EvolutionThe Zipper has been one of the Midway’s most recognizable attractions for years, providing thrills to riders from teens to adults. There’s more spinning going on with the Zipper than an out of control top. While the ‘cages’ holding two passengers each rise and descend on a tower boom, each spins independently and the entire boom turns, too. Three times the action, backed by spectacular lighting bringing them back for more.






Wave Swinger

waveswingblurThe German Wave Swinger is a work of art, combining the traditional swing ride with lavish, hand painted scenery. The Wave Swinger lifts riders slowly from the platform and then proceeds to take them on a leisurely ride, tilting one way and another to add to the excitement. Its unusual size, unforgettable scenery, lights, music and ride make the Wave Swinger a Butler Amusements classic















Carnival Rides furnished by Butler Amusements

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The 2015 Strawberry Festival is May 22nd through the 25th

Friday (1pm to 10pm), Sat & Sun (10am to 10pm), Monday (10am to 9pm)

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