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These fun rides are the highlight of the Strawberry Festival. Bring your family and enjoy your time together with dozens of rides for every age. Click on any of the photos below to see ride descriptions and more photos.

Click here for height requirements for various rides.

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Special one-price ride-all-day wristbands will be offered for all festival days at $35 per wristband on Friday and $40 each on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tickets for individual rides can also be purchased separately at $1 per ticket.

New! Cashless Midway &
Fast Pass

Cashless Midway: We have converted to a cashless midway operation. Only our food concessions ticket boxes and ticket kiosks will directly take cash, debit card, and credit cards. Customers will first visit a ticket box. They will be presented with the option to purchase an unlimited ride ‘smart’ wristband, and have the opportunity to purchase a smart card in order to play carnival games. The second option is to purchase game credits and individual ride credits that are tracked by a provided smart card.

The ticket kiosks are a convenient way for customers to reload their smart card. The smart cards can be reloaded at ticket kiosks and at ticket boxes. Credits can be used interchangeably for rides and games plays.

Fast Pass: For a $10 add-on charge, we offer a Fast Pass option on site at our carnival ticket boxes that can be used in combination with an unlimited wristband or carnival tickets. A Fast Pass allows you to stand in a shorter, separate ride lines which will allow you on the ride faster than the regular ride line.

Major Rides

Our Major Rides are a staple of the Strawberry Festival, offering great options for adults and kids of most ages. These include: Kite Flyer, Crown Merry Go Round, Eagle Ferris Wheel, Giant Slide, Mardi-Gras Fun House, The Scrambler, Starship 3000, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Zombie Carnival Dark Ride.

Spectacular Rides

The hit of the Strawberry Festival, our Spectacular Rides are geared for kids 8 and older, as well as adventurous adults. Rides in this category include: Giant Wheel, Turbo, Vertigo, 1001 Nachts, Spinning Roller Coaster, Quasar, Wave Swinger, Himalaya, The Grand Carousel, Mega Flip and Orbiter.

Kiddie & Family Rides

There’s plenty of rides for young children! These include: Jet Ski, Lolli Swing, Looney Tooter Train, Dizzy Dragon, Pirate Jets, Chopper Hopper, Firehouse, Tom Kangaroo, Wacky Worm Coaster, Wet Boats, Jungle of Fun, Quad Runner, Wacky Tracks Funhouse, and Frog Hopper