Everyone says to “shop small” or “support local businesses,” but do we really understand the value of investing in our community businesses? There are many reasons to keep our wealth local, both for the benefit of investors and the success of the residents.

Every year, for more than six decades, we’ve run the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival. This is more than just a fun community event – it’s an opportunity for local investors to support and learn about the businesses that call Garden Grove home.

We’ve seen the importance of long-term investments in community businesses first-hand. There are many reasons why we need to keep wealth local, and today, we want to share some with you.

1) Keeps the Community Healthy

When you invest in local businesses, you pour more money and resources into the community in which you live and work. In fact, for every $100 spent with a local business, it’s estimated that $68 recirculates within that same local economy.

Circulating money within your area helps your neighbors, friends, and family meet their needs. It can also stimulate local job availability and enterprise.

2) It’s Sustainable

Investing in your local economy is actually a great thing to do for the planet. When you’re spending your money with community businesses, you’re minimizing the need for transportation and long-distance deliveries. These goods aren’t mass-produced but made with purpose and care by people within your area.

3) Creates Economic Responsibility

When a local economy is thriving, people feel more responsible for the money flowing through face-to-face, friend-to-friend interactions. We can all stand to be more aware of the social and ecological impacts of our spending, and that’s much easier when it’s happening within our own communities.

Want to Invest Locally? Start With Us. 

Investing long-term in community businesses is one of the best things you can do for your peers, local economy, and neighbors. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get started with local investments, let us help you.

We’re always looking for businesses to sponsor our annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival. You’re also welcome to look into our vendor program to find businesses to support (or to become a vendor yourself).

If you have any questions about getting involved, don’t hesitate to contact us online!