Kathy Garver, is fondly remembered as the teenaged big sister, ‘Cissy,’ on the television show, “Family Affair,” now celebrating it’s 55th Anniversary year in syndication.  Kathy Garver also appeared as Rachel at the age of eight in Cecil B. DeMille’s epic motion picture, “The Ten Commandments,” and she created the voice for the Marvel character of ‘Firestar’ in the television series, “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends.”  She will be selling and autographing copies of five books she has written at the Strawberry Festival, including The Family Affair Cookbook, Surviving Cissy:  My Family Affair of Life in Hollywood, X-Child Stars:  Where Are They Now, Holiday Recipes for a Family Affair and TVDinners TV, with a side dish of stars.  Kathy Garver will also be selling Mrs. Beasley dolls, Firestar dolls and “Cissy” Candles.  She will also be giving away free copies of her Strawberry Trifle recipe to those who stop by her booth.

Tom DaRé, Police Chief for the City of Garden Grove, is the epitome of an Essential Worker.  Born and raised in the City that he now serves, DaRé attended local churches and schools and proudly served in the United States Army after graduating high school. He began his career with the City of Garden Grove as a Police Cadet in 1990, becoming a Reserve Police Officer and subsequently a Police Recruit and Police Officer.  He has worked a variety of assignments and specialty assignments.  In 2017, DaRé was promoted to Captain. In April 2019, Tom DaRé was selected to serve as the 13th Police Chief for the City of Garden Grove.

Ed Alonzo’s character of Max on the television show “Saved By The Bell,” became his magical persona as a magician, where he is known as Ed Alonzo, “The Misfit of Magic.”  A multiple award-winning comedy magician, Ed Alonzo is currently starring the 8th Season of The CW’s hit television show, “Masters of Illusion,” hosted by Dean Cain airing on Saturday evenings.  You won’t want to miss Alonzo’s comic antics and magical prowess as he serves as the Emcee of the Strawberry Shortcake Cutting Opening Ceremony at this year’s Festival on Friday night, May 27th, starting at 6:00 p.m. in front of the Showmobile, where all in attendance will be served a free piece of Strawberry Shortcake from a 70-foot long tiered cake.  And since once is not enough, the ever popular Alonzo will deliver an Encore Performance as Emcee of the VIP Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning, May 28th at 8:00 a.m. in the Garden Grove Community Center.  Tickets are $10.50 cash per person at the door.

Neile (pronounce NEEL) Adams McQueen was the first wife of Steve McQueen.  At the time Neile Adams met Steve McQueen in New York City, she was starring as Gladys Hotchkiss in the original production of the Broadway musical, “The Pajama Game,” in which she performed the famous “Steam Heat” number.  Neile also appeared in the original production of the Broadway musical, “Kismet,” as one of the Princesses of Ababu. Later she starred in the movie, “This Could Be The Night,” opposite Julie Wilson.  Neile is the mother of Steve McQueen’s children and now matriarch of the McQueen family and grandmother to all the McQueen grandchildren.  Two of Neile and Steve McQueen’s grandchildren will also be appearing in this year’s parade.  They are, Madison Neile McQueen, and Chase McQueen, children of Neile and Steve’s son, Chad McQueen.  Neile Adams McQueen’s memoir, “My Husband, My Friend,” is now being made into a Hollywood movie, and a documentary film on Neile’s life is now in the works as well with Guggenheim Productions, Inc.  During the pandemic Neile Adams McQueen wrote a new novel, “MIYAMI-SAN:  A Love Story.”  She will be selling and autographing copies of her books, as well as selling and autographing copies of her Cabaret CDs.  Neile Adams McQueen will be riding in the parade in the XKSS Jaguar car she gave her husband, Steve McQueen $5,000 to purchase back in 1960, when she was pregnant with their son, Chad McQueen.  Upon Steve McQueen’s death in 1960, the car was acquired by the Petersen Automotive Museum, where it has remained since.  The McQueen’s XKSS Jaguar is one of the most famous cars in the world, and today is valued at $60 million.

Madison Neile McQueen, who is known as the Face of Porsche cars and Porsche magazine cover girl, will be driving a McQueen Porsche in the parade.  She is the daughter Chad McQueen, Neile Adams McQueen’s and Steve McQueen’s son.  She is also a partner for McQueen Racing.

Chase McQueen, a partner for McQueen Racing and noted Soccer Player, will be driving a “surprise iconic car” in the parade that belongs to his father, Chad McQueen, Neile Adams McQueen’s and Steve’s McQueen’s son.

French Stewart is best know for his starring roles in the television show, “Third Rock From The Sun” and the film, “Inspector Gadget II.”  Recently, he appeared as Chef Rudy for 8 seasons on Chuck Lorre’s hit show “Mom” with Allison Janney. He has also appeared on “Seinfeld,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Just Shoot Me,” “Trial and Error,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “News Radio,” “Community,” “Two Broke Girls,” “Psych,” “Bones,” “The Closer,” “Castle,” “Pushing Daisies,” “Private Practice,” “Roseanne,” “Limetown,” “Deadly Class,” “Leverage,” and in recurring roles on “The Middle,” “NCIS” and “Secrets and Lies.”  Film credits include: “Stargate,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Queen Bees,” and cult favorite “Love Stinks.”  He appeared Off-Broadway at Theatre Row in “Voice Lesson” with Laurie Metcalf.  For the past 30 years, Stewart has also been a proud participant in Los Angeles theatre at venues like the Cast Theatre, Laguna Playhouse, Rogue Machine, The Geffen Playhouse, Sacred Fools Theater Company and Pasadena Playhouse.  French Stewart will be riding in the parade with his wife, actress Vanessa Stewart and their daughter, Helene.

Vanessa Stewart co-wrote and starred as Keely Smith in “Louis and Keely: Live at the Sahara” for Sacred Fools (Ovation Award for best actress, best musical). Louis and Keely later moved to the Geffen Playhouse, Laguna Playhouse and Royal George Theater in Chicago. She also penned “Stoneface” starring her husband, French Stewart (Sacred Fools, Pasadena Playhouse).  In addition to her many stage appearances she has been seen in film and on television in “Rules of Engagement,” “Wanda Sykes Show,” “Alex and The List,” “Bed and Breakfast,” among others.  She will be riding in the parade with her husband, actor French Steward and their daughter, Helene.

Scott Travis is an actor and producer, and the son of actress Kathy Garver.  He is the Producer of “Aunt Cissy” starring “Cissy” Kathy Garver, a spin off of “Family Affair.”

Pyper Braun, Pyper with a “Y,” is eight-years-old and a native of Southern CA. With her infectious personality, dynamic talent, and impeccable comedic timing, Pyper is quickly becoming a rising star. She began acting at age 4 and two years later landed her first series regular role on the Netflix comedy, “Country Comfort.”  Recently announced is Pyper voicing Bitsy in Disney Jr’s all new animated series “Superkitties.” In addition, Pyper made guest appearances on Disney’s “Raven’s Home,” Nickelodeon’s “That Girl Lay Lay” and “Blues Clues,” as well as working on commercials/print work for Disney, Nick Jr., Quaker Oats, Big Lots and many more. In her spare time, Pyper enjoys music, camping, the beach, and trips to Disneyland with her two older brothers. Some of her favorite things include: animals, chocolate, baking, cheetahs, reading and making people laugh.

Evan Lê, pronounced (Evan Lay), is a 10-year-old piano prodigy, the son of Vietnamese immigrants, Quoc and Lyco Lê.  One day when Evan was 2.5 years old, during the family’s routine trip to a department store, his parents bought what they still lovingly refer to as the “Cat piano” for Evan and his brother, Brandon. As the name implies, the piano was in the shape of a cat’s head with the black and white keys making up its teeth. The toy piano quickly became Evan’s favorite. He would spend an unusual amount of time exploring it and soon was able to reproduce the preset tunes in the Cat piano by ear. When Evan’s love for music became apparent, his parents began their extensive search for a piano teacher. In December 2014 they found Ms. Tuong Van Nguyen who gave Evan his first piano lesson. Evan has since moved on and has been under the instructions of Ms. Claudia Yun Xi.  Shortly after the lessons began, Evan’s parents recorded a few videos of his performances and shared them on the web. Those videos garnered many views and shares. Numerous news and entertainment outlets from here and abroad reached out to the family about Evan. Domestically, notable shows who contacted them included “The Ellen Show,” “America Got Talent,” and NBC’s “Little Big Shots.” In October of 2015, Evan made his appearance with “Little Big Shots.” Once that episode aired in early 2016, the requests for Evan multiplied. At the age of 5 years and two months, competing in the 11 years-and-under category, Evan won his first competition and was rewarded the opportunity to play his concerto piece — Mozart Concerto No. 8 in C major — with the Cal State Long Beach Festival Orchestra. As part of the performance, he played a cadenza that he himself composed. Evan has since been invited to Austria to perform with the Slovak State Opera Chamber Orchestra. During that concert, Evan played all three movements of Mozart Concerto No. 21, a performance that lasted almost 30 minutes. Once again, he also composed and played his own cadenzas for this performance.  A amazing talent with a very bring future, Evan Lê has hundreds or thousands of followers on his social media.

Rosalyn Bryant Clark and her daughter Breanna Clark are Olympic Champions.  Rosalyn won a Silver Medal in the 1976 Montréal Olympics as a member of the 1600-meter relay team and set a new American Record in the 400-meter dash which stood for eight years.  Rosalyn Bryant Clark is the only woman to win the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters dashes in the NCAA Championships. She also won the gold medal at the World University Games in 1977 and held five indoor world records at one time. Rosalyn Bryant Clark was inducted into the Hall of Fame at California State University, Los Angeles in 1985.  Rosalyn Bryant Clark is a retired Police Officer. She holds a Masters degree in Recreation/Physical Education and she says that her biggest accomplishments have been working with youth, training LAPD  Recruit Officers, and coaching her daughter Breanna Clark to run track and watching her become more independent as an athlete and a woman. Rosalyn Bryant Clark’s coaching expertise paid off, 30 years after she won her Silver Medal at the Olympics in 1976, when hear daughter, Breanna Clark won a Gold Medial in 400m race at the Summer 2016 Rio Paralympics.

Kate Linder is now celebrating her 40th Anniversary as Esther Valentine in the Emmy Award-winning television show, “The Young and The Restless.”  On April 10, 2008, Linder received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Linder was elected to two terms as the Television Academy’s Governor of Daytime Programming Peer Group and was elected to multiple terms as a SAG-AFTRA board member.  Linder’s feature film credits include “Hysteria,” “Erased,” “Miss Meadows,” Garry Marshall’s “Mother’s Day,” “Voice from the Stone,” “The Charnel House,” and she’s also one of the leads in Charlie Matthau’s “Book of Leah” and “Echo Boomers.”

Michael David is the popular Evening Host of K-WAVE 107.9 FM.

Cathi Parrish is the popular Mid-Day Host of K-WAVE 107.9 FM.

Topanga Scherf was just recently crowned Miss Garden Grove 2022.

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Neile Adams McQueen

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