The Neptunes Band was formed over a year ago.

One year prior was when Virginia Gonzalez (vocalist, percussion) met Marie Sandidge (drummer) at Sam Ash and they exchanged numbers. In that next year they kept contact while Marie’s husband Mike Sandidge (bass guitar, violin, vocals) was recovering from a heart operation. When they finally decided to see what they could do in forming a group, joining them was a good friend of Virginia, Benny Vargas (Lead guitar & vocals) and longtime childhood friend of Benny, Eve Ramirez (Guitar) and of course Mike. After 1 year of hard work and lots of rehearsals we finally found our talent in Good ol’ Rock n Roll, Blues, a little country and some good sounding Classic Rock. We started performing in July of 2013 and we are now out performing at small venues around Orange County.

Newest addition to our group is Gil Mosard (Harmonica & guitar) who is also an accomplished composer. The band was formed for the love of live music and the joy of playing together recapturing great old and new songs.