Kennedy SlocumKennedy Slocum is an award winning singer and actress.

Born to two professional musician parents, she began piano lessons at age four and singing in church at age three. Years of dance and voice lessons followed. Kennedy’s theatre experience began in community and regional roles including Emily (Our Town), Miranda (The Tempest), Fredricka (A Little Night Music), Annie (Annie), and Ariel (The Little Mermaid) to name a few. She has sung with choirs and performed at Disneyland, winning Soloist of the Year at the Music in the Parks competition.

Kennedy has recently begun professional work in web, television, and film including traveling across the country to perform in workshop productions and Fringe festival productions of an original musical. Her goal is to be constantly improving herself in her craft and finding joy in new challenges and projects. Downtime is rare, but when available, she takes advantage and bakes delicious macaroons, or she puts her mind to work on serious matters, such as calculating the probability of snow in Los Angeles.