In many ways, Julian Edwards is your typical 7-year old. An ardent fan of Legos, Star Wars, and day trips to Disneyland, the precocious young actor is just like any other kid. However, Julian does differ in one major way; the rising talent stars alongside Academy Award winning actress, Sandra Bullock, in the Netflix hit film, Bird Box.

Born in San Marino, the young actor grew up going to school where his favorite subjects were science and music. Julian got his start in acting whilst accompanying his sister to auditions. The precocious youngster would be impatiently sitting in the waiting room and shout, “I want to audition!” and run into the audition room where his mother would have to run and fish him out. It was that excitement and energy that clued his parents into his passion for the craft.   “We made big gingerbread houses and we got to really eat it!” It was there he learned that acting was not only fun, but something he knew he wanted to keep doing.

Julian has learned many lessons through his short time in the acting world. On set of Bird Box, it was beloved actress, Sandra Bullock who taught him about the peculiar nature of acting. In one scene, where Bullock had to grab Julian’s arm forcefully, Sandra told Julian: “In the scenes I have to be the character, but after they say cut, I’ll be Sandra again and I can give you a hug!” Julian also got to learn about all things production, “They let me play with the cameras and the camera cranes and I got to wear a headset!” he exclaims proudly.

Julian’s parents are taking great strides to ensure the young star stays humble and grounded. With each job, Julian donates to Children’s Hospital LA. Julian and his family also love volunteering every holiday season, bringing gingerbread houses, toys and smiles to sick children. Julian is passionate about giving back and encourages all of his supporters to do the same!