Dalila Bela, Garden Grove Strawberry Festival celebrityVeteran young actor DALILA BELA was born in Montreal, Canada. Dalila is a natural entertainer, and had immediate success after landing an agent in her hometown. The family moved to Vancouver to expand opportunities, and Dalila quickly became a favourite with casting and a fixture in commercials, film and television.

Her numerous film credits include the popular Diary of A Wimpy Kid movie franchise; Red Riding Hood; Grave Encounters 2; selected television roles include ABC’s Once Upon a Time; CW’s The 100, The Tomorrow People and Supernatural; Fringe; Mr. Young; TV Movies Fairly Odd Christmas; Twist of Faith; the animated movie Positively Ozitively and animated series Ready Jet Go. She also worked as a lead role in The Adventure Club with Billy Zane and Kim Coates.

Most recently, Dalila landed the role of Diana Berry in the Netflix original Series Anne. Her leading role in the PBS Network series ODD SQUAD inspired an invitation from the White House in Spring 2015 to be a guest at the annual Easter Egg Hunt, an incredible honor! Dalila was nominated four consecutive years for Young Artist Awards. She took home the YAA two years straight, once for her accurate portrayal of a Russian speaking girl in The Stranger at only 7 years of age!

In 2014, Dalila won the award for best actress at the Diabolique Film Festival for her portrayal of a blind girl in the short Dead Hearts. She was also nominated for a LEO Award for her lead role in the award winning short Joanna Makes a Friend. In addition, for her work as Agent Olive in the forty episodes of Odd Squad Season 1, Dalila received nominations for the CSA 2016 (Canadian Screen Awards) in Toronto, and the Imagen Foundation Awards 2016 in Los Angeles.

Dalila is passionate about giving back, and this year took part in the Carecem Foundation which helps low income kids attend summer camp in Los Angeles. Dalila understands the sacrifices that come with pursuing a career as an actor, and takes every challenge and opportunity with fierce determination and dedication. She is fluent in four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Dalila loves to travel and when she is not working enjoys a variety of hobbies including guitar; singing; reading; creative writing and being a big sister to her two younger brothers! As well as being an actor, Dalila would like to pursue careers as a singer, a book author, a screenplay writer and/or a director.