2017 Celebrities

2017 Burt Ward

Little did aspiring actor Burt Ward know that learning martial arts in addition to his mental and athletic prowess would change his life forever. As a teen-ager, Burt had all the makings of a true boy wonder. As an all-around athlete, strong in martial arts, wrestling, track, tennis and golf, combined with a sharp [...]

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Randy Barth
2017 Theme Grand Marshall

Randy Barth is the Founder and CEO of THINK Together and the Executive Chairman of the Principal's Exchange. THINK Together is a nonprofit organization collaborating with communities, parents, and schools to help support to help create excellence and equity in education for all kids. They provide Early Learning Programs for 0-5 year old's and [...]

Randy Barth
2017 Theme Grand Marshall

Jenna Tower – California
Miss Outstanding Teen

Jenna Tower is an 18 year old senior at Pacifica High School. She was a member of the national championship dance team at Pacifica for two years but has been dancing since the age of 11. When she's not dancing, you may find her skating around town. Jenna began skating at the age of [...]

Jenna Tower – California
Miss Outstanding Teen

Raphael Alejandro

Raphael Alejandro was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is the younger sibling of three. He decided to follow his older sister, Dalila Bela, and older brother, Bruce Salomon, footsteps and started acting when he was 4 years old. He immediately starting doing commercials and soon after that, he became a favorite with casting [...]

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Kate Flannery

Kate Flannery is an actor, writer, singer, best known for her nine seasons as Meredith the drunk on NBC’s THE OFFICE. Kate recurs on ABC’s AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, Cartoon Network’s STEVEN UNIVERSE and Comedy Central’s ANOTHER PERIOD. She has guest starred on FOX’s NEW GIRL and BROOKLYN NINE NINE and MTV’s MARY+JANE. She was in [...]

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Grace Kaufman

Grace Kaufman, a young actress making a big splash across film and television, can most recently be seen in the brand new CBS comedy MAN WITH A PLAN (October 2016) alongside Matt LeBlanc (FRIENDS). She plays the smart and witty daughter ‘Kate Burns’ who helps her dad (LeBlanc) realize what it’s like to spend more [...]

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Trinitee Stokes

There are few words one can use when describing the actress known as The Trinitee, that do her justice. As a 10-year-old she has become a tastemaker and role model for others in her generation (and beyond). A native Mississippian, The Trinitee brings a unique exuberance to any space that she occupies. You may [...]

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Tom Choi

Tom Choi is well known for playing Ken Yukimura on the teen fan favorite Teen Wolf on MTV which is ends its six season run. Choi recently recurred on NCIS: LA and Agent Carter and last guest-starred on Hawaii Five-0, NCIS and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. He also wrapped roles in the upcoming [...]

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Mekia Cox

Mekia Cox currently has a recurring role on the NBC hit drama Chicago Med. The consummate triple threat, Mekia Cox burst on to the scene in 2009 as one of the lead dancers on Michael Jackson's world tour turned movie This Is It. Not long after, Hollywood began to take notice of the Florida [...]

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Daniel DiMaggio

Daniel DiMaggio is a series regular on ABC’s “American Housewife” which airs on ABC Tuesdays @ 8:30 PM. He portrays the middle child “Oliver Otto.” He has also appeared as young “Kal-El” in “Supergirl” and will be traveling to Boston next month to play young Mark Wahlberg in the movie Daddy’s Home part 2. [...]

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Dalila Bela

Veteran young actor DALILA BELA was born in Montreal, Canada. Dalila is a natural entertainer, and had immediate success after landing an agent in her hometown. The family moved to Vancouver to expand opportunities, and Dalila quickly became a favourite with casting and a fixture in commercials, film and television. Her numerous film credits [...]

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Bruce Salomon

Bruce Salomon is a very talent young actor who was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He started his acting career at the age of 4, following the footsteps of his older sister, Dalila Bela. Bruce’s very first audition and credit was for a Huggies commercial “Do the Potty Dance”. He was among 1400 kids [...]

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Alicia Leigh Willis

This twice Emmy nominated actress began her career as a child in Atlanta, Georgia, working with her father and siblings in a number of TV commercials and films. Her first big break came at the age of 15 when she landed the role of Corey Conway on the long running hit television series, 7th [...]

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Ryan Ochoa

Ryan, age 21, is best known for his series regular role as Lanny on Disney's Pair of Kings. He just wrapped his role of Eli in the feature film, The Samuel Project, due out in 2018. He’s had recurring roles on iCarly and Mr. Young, as well a guest starred on Zeke & Luther and Hit The Floor. His lead or supporting roles in [...]

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Brandon Tyler Russell

Brandon is 21 and just wrapped his role of Sean Carpenter in Halloween:The Night Evil Died alongside Tony Moran (the original Michael Myers) which will be released October of this year. Brandon will soon be appearing in three feature films: The Chattering where he will play the lead role of Will and on Hidden [...]

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Mary Scheer

Actor, Writer, and Violinist, Mary Scheer is a character actor who started at the Groundlings Theater where she performed for 5 years with Will Ferrell, Wendy McClendon-Covey, Michael Hitchcock, Tim Bagley, Lisa Kudrow and many others. Scheer has had many Guest Star roles, most recently on Life in Pieces and 2 Broke Girls. She [...]

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Beth Hall

Beth Hall is currently a series regular as the hilarious Wendy on CBS comedy Mom opposite Emmy-winner Allison Janney. Wendy is one of Bonnie’s (Allison Janney's) best friends that has a penchant for bursting into tears. Season four of the show is airing now on Thursday nights. Previously, Beth was best known as Caroline, Roger Sterling’s [...]

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Missy Mendoza
Miss Garden Grove

Missy Mendoza is a 23 year old graduate from California State University of Fullerton with a degree in Communications and a concentration in Public Relations. She held the leadership positions of Spirit Chair, Public Relations Chair, Greek Week Outhouse Representative, and Executive Vice President in Alpha Delta Pi. She also held the leadership positions [...]

Missy Mendoza
Miss Garden Grove

Hannah Archer, Garden Grove
Miss Outstanding Teen

Hannah Archer is a sophomore at Pacifica High School. Sh has been a member of Pacifica’s award winning show choir (ENCORE) for the last two years, and has been dancing since the age of 3. Most people know Hannah as only a dancer, but singing has been a big part of her life since 5th [...]

Hannah Archer, Garden Grove
Miss Outstanding Teen
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