This twice Emmy nominated actress began her career as a child in Atlanta, Georgia, working with her father and siblings in a number of TV commercials and films. Her first big break came at the age of 15 when she landed the role of Corey Conway on the long running hit television series, 7th Heaven. By this time in her life the family had moved to Laguna Beach, California where Alicia had developed into a premier club soccer player.

She had to choose between two burgeoning careers because time wouldn’t allow for both. It’s safe to say she made the right choice. She quickly followed up 7th Heaven with numerous guest starring roles in several hit television series and at the age of nineteen landed the plum role of Ali Fowler on the venerable Daytime Drama, Another World. Her first time away from home and her destination was New York City. By the time Another World taped its final episode in 1998 Alicia had grown up and fallen in love with the city, but the west coast, and her family, beckoned.

She came back to LA and continued her acting education with Joanne Baron and D. W. Brown in Santa Monica. In no time at all she was back to work on ABC’s General Hospital, originating the role of mob moll, Courtney Mathews. Four years and two Emmy nominations later, Alicia decided to try her hand at primetime TV. Leaving daytime behind she continued guest starring on television and in supporting film roles, until landing the title role of Elizabeth Wakefield on American Heiress. The following season Alicia ventured into the challenging role of Cindi Tucker on the “racy” Showtime hit, The L Word, garnering many new fans. Her latest role as Robin Fereti on the season finale’ of Without A Trace, finds her, once again, mixed up with the Mob. After working on multiple films Alicia took a break to focus on her new role as a mother. Most recently she returned to the film world starring in A Family Trust.