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Ignacio Sandoval, aka “Nachin”, was born in Zacatecas, Mexico. Like many families who wanted a better life for their children, his parents migrated to the United States when he was young. Raised in Boyle Heights, Nachin came from humble beginnings. He knew the only way to make it and help his family was through hard work, dedication and an education. The youngest of 8, he was the first in his family to graduate from college, earning B.A. degrees in both Theatre & Spanish Literature.

But while in college, Nachin discovered his true calling. He landed an internship with on-air personality “El Cucuy”, who admired Nachin’s perseverance and ultimate love for radio. Just to get to the station every day, he had to get creative in raising money for gas. But he never missed a shift.

Rather than pursue a Masters Degree, he took a chance and followed his true passion. It wasn’t long before he proved his talents as a radio host and intellectual producer at KSCA. His love for music, honest connection with people, and pride in his culture allowed him to influence and motivate an audience. He not only achieved impressive shares, but became one of the first bilingual DJ’s in the United States.

Despite such accomplishments, Nachin’s core values are still rooted in family and the empowerment of education. “I’m not just a radio personality, I care for my community and I want to help others achieve their own dreams.” His key initiatives are to increase awareness of education and reinforce positive choices, especially among young Latinos. He regularly speaks at local high schools and colleges encouraging higher education.

When the opportunity came for Nachin to join forces with his co-host Raq-C, he didn’t hesitate. They shared a genuine passion of showcasing the Hispanic culture in a positive light and he knew LA Hispanics would identify with them. Today, in their new venture with EXITOS 93.9FM, the dynamic duo will continue to share their love for Hispanics and Los Angeles every afternoon.