President’s Message

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A message from the President of the 2017 Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

I am truly excited to be this year’s President for the Strawberry Festival.

Laura Neuschafer, President Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

Laura Neuschafer

The Strawberry Festival’s Board of Directors and Associates are volunteers who lend their time to this wonderful event because they truly care about the community. From Special Children’s Day, the cake cutting ceremony, the parade, the VIP breakfast and luncheon, until the following Monday, where we sit in our directors lounge feeling pretty good about the event — it is priceless. For many months each year, we plan the necessary changes to improve our festival, and search for ways to better reach our ever-changing community. Our objective is to raise money to distribute to the many non-profits who support the community, and when we are able to give more, we truly believe we have had a successful year.

This year’s theme is especially dear to my heart. There are so many volunteers that do extraordinary work…….it is a job well done.

What is a Superhero volunteer? This is an individual who had an idea, a passion for making a difference and turned this idea/passion into an extraordinary event. This person wanted to change the world as we see it today.

This year’s Theme Grand Marshall is someone that I believe exemplifies a Superhero Volunteer. Randy Barth started as a volunteer and then turned his passion for helping his community into a state wide recognized program…. Think Together!

I hope that you have a wonderful time at the festival and be sure to come by and say hi!