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Six-year-old Mckenna Grace is originally from Dallas, Texas. Grace began her acting career at the young age of five. After hours of watching, singing and dancing along to Shirley Temple videos, she discovered her love for entertaining others. To satisfy her curiosity, her parents enrolled her in acting classes where she quickly realized her genuine passion for acting.

Soon after starting her classes, Grace landed the lead role in the short film Lucky Penny and has appeared in numerous print advertisements, as well as in commercials for ESPN, YMCA, Cook Children’s Hospital and Chuck E Cheese.

Mckenna recently booked a regular role in the NBC pilot, Joe&Joe&Jane. She also recurs on Disney XD’s live-action “bro-comedy,” Crash & Bernstein as Jasmine Bernstein, the assertive 6-year-old sister. Mckenna will make her feature film debut in the upcoming indie film Goodbye World, sharing the screen with veteran actors Adrian Grenier, Mark Webber, Ben McKenzie and Gaby Hoffman.

Since coming to Los Angeles for Crash & Bernstein in the summer of 2012, Mckenna has worked on a number of projects, including co-starring on FOX’s Goodwin Games and The Tonight Show.

Grace is in first grade. She has a pet bunny named Pee Wee, 2 Chihuahuas named Princess Glitter and Kiwi, a Morkie named Marshmallow and three beta fish. In her free time she enjoys singing, dancing, playing board games, vintage toy shopping, watching old movies and hanging out with her friends. She currently splits her time between Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.