Singer. Songwriter. Actress. Athlete.

Colette Carr from Malibu, CA was born January 6, 1991. Obsessed with music from an early age, Colette has a music library with over 10,000 songs from all genres.  Never someone to do anything half-way, Colette spent three years studying the Meisner Technique in acting and improv.

Throughout it all, Colette’s first love was tennis.  She came under the tutelage of Robert Lansdorp, a legendary tennis coach to dozens of world-ranked athletes.  Tennis taught her the discipline needed to succeed in any career.  It gave her physical strength and honed her competitive skills, skills that she could apply anywhere.

A career-ending injury forced to completely re-think her life.  Her discipline and competitiveness made it impossible for her to sink into self-pity.  Instead, she turned to songwriting and performing in order to work through her emotions.

Colette had a fine appreciation for arts of all sorts, especially street art. She listened to music of all kinds and took inspiration from art wherever she found it.  And then Colette took a chance and got her big break.  She walked up on stage after a dare at a concert by the Compton-based rapper The Game. Colette spit out a freestyle rap that wowed the audience.  She soon signed with Nick Cannon’s Ncredible after he saw her debut music video “Back It Up” as it climbed the MTVU charts to No.1. A career was launched and Colette knew she had found her calling.  “This is my destiny. This is what I was meant to do.” Colette says.   Soon, the hard-working Colette found herself working with the equally hard-charging Nick Cannon who was greatly impressed with her work ethic.

More recently, Carr has also been signed to Interscope and Martin Kierszenbaum’s Cherrytree Records family.  Colette is quickly establishing a reputation for crafting irresistibly catchy songs, hard-fought-for after years of developing a dexterous flow.

“Music is my dream,” Colette says. “It’s what makes me the happiest.”

Now, the artist is making thousands of young boosters of the MC/singer happy with new material (a full-length drops is coming soon) and she’s winning over hundreds of thousands more at a rapid clip — thanks to a fast-rising single and hot video for “(We Do It) Primo,” and “No I.D.”.

“It’s about taking the time to do what you want to do,” Carr says of the fantastically infectious Frankmusik-produced track “(We Do It) Primo”.

“Everybody needs to take a moment in life to enjoy themselves,” she said, adding “That’s ‘Primo.”


The fast-rising talented Colette already won over millions of fans with heavy online interaction via YouTube, MySpace,Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook and her website ( and blog with her previous works “Bitch Like Me” and 2009’s “Back It Up.”

I feel like I’m in an elevator riding to the top with some of the greatest people who are so down to earth,” she says of her extended family, which includes Nick Cannon, Martin Kierszenbaum and the rest of the Ncredible/Cherrytree/Interscope team .

“I like the pressure of writing songs on the spot,” Carr says of the process she and Frankmusik employed to produce exciting live anthems such as “No I.D.”

“It’s an adrenaline rush and exciting,” she added, while noting that on new tracks such as her “Holler at the DJ,” quality time was spent tweaking the lyrics to ensure every consonant counted.

Despite what some might think of the rapper/singer based on what they may have heard or seen online, the one-time teen athlete says she’s comfortable in her own skin.

“I’m not too worried about misconceptions,” she says. “I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing and music is everything to me right now.