Ashley is from a small ranch-style community in North Texas. At a very early age, she developed her natural conversational ability to effectively communicate with adults and children alike. She has been a performer from the beginning and people are drawn to her.

She started dance lessons at two, which lead to competing. Her first solo was Animal Crackers; the judges were amazed a two-year-old could possess such stage presence. Performances were not limited to competitions; she put on a show wherever there was a willing, available audience.

When Ashley was three, she had her first commercial audition. The director recognized her as a “natural” and commented how he only saw one other child like her. The next day she booked the principal role.

At four, she began her formal acting lessons and the following year, she accepted representation from a LA agency. Ashley has been in multiple commercials and TV shows; consistently showing a great passion for the performing arts by diligently pursuing improvement through teachers, coaches and role models.
Ashley has received numerous awards for her performances including the Rising Star Award. She loves reading, singing, dancing, riding bikes, creating stories, songs and listening to music.

Her most recent projects include Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, in theaters June, 2011. Shrek Forever After, Aliens in the Attic, Little Fockers and numerous commercials.